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Tess Sira: looking for writers,bloggers,journalists 5k/blog

Service Required By: 30th Nov 2017 | Location: Nairobi

My Request:

Hi Im looking for someone to write a 150 Articles. i will pay 5000kshs. per article. for all 150 articles. that will be 750k for 150 if all are accepted. topics: FACTS, EARTH, SECRETS, HISTORY, PEOPLE, MUSIC, ARTS, FOOD, TRAVEL, RELIGION, ECO-GREEN, RENEWABLE ENERGY, HUMANITY, PEACE, LOVE, ART, HEALTH, SPORTS, NIGHTLIFE, VENUES, ANIMALS, PLANTS, SPACE, TECHNOLOGY. some of the things to be made sure of are. article title, and content should be original. article will be checked for plagiarism. for the article; have 10 items; include sources for each item article must be your own work. article without sources will be sent back, make sure to add sources. article must include 10 facts in 10 paragraphs and an introduction of a certain topic the you have chosen article must be at least 1800 words including introduction Include quality online sources (not Wikipedia) that verify facts for each item on your article TERMS & CONDITIONS By submitting the article to me, You confirm that you are the original writer of the article and that you own all rights and copyright relating to it. If i purchase the article, you agree that you have agreed to sell the article to me by first calling/texting +254715669363 and alerting me that you are sending the article to sethriggs7@yahoo.com & within 4 weeks you shall recieve a response. Once purchased i will m-pesa or bank transfer you the 5000kshs per article. and the ownership & copyright, are transferred to me once purchased.


This is an open requested service that has been posted by the individual user. Please only apply if your expertise falls within the described criteria. Applications that are deemed irrelevant will be filtered out.